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At first consideration, I was going to call this our “Pseudo Blog” because it resembles a blog BUT it's not really a “true” blog. A blog allows viewers to comment on posts. Back when blogs first became popular (15+ years ago) they led to many informative and educational interactions between subject matter experts and those people who wanted to learn more. BUT that's now changed...

Nowadays many people commenting on public blog posts (especially in the marketing industry) have ulterior motives. Some are just trying to get their name in front additional viewers so they can appear as a subject matter expert. While others are even more blatant, just acting as shills in an attempt to steer potential clients towards a competitor. For these reasons, we don’t allow public commenting on our blog posts.

If you’d like to know more about one of our posts or you have a genuine question, feel free to contact us directly. We're happy to discuss any marketing-related topics with you. We just don’t want to spend enormous amounts of time policing our blog for wannabes and shills.

BTW, we purge all our old blog posts every year starting in January.

We do this for two reasons:
  • In this industry things are constantly changing. What was once considered to be on the "cutting edge" just a year ago is now likely to be either just routine knowledge or it fell off the face of the earth, and into a black hole somewhere.
  • This "start-the-new-year-fresh" process prevents us from getting lazy by forcing us to think about what's currently on the minds of our clients and keeps us producing new content on those topics.

Website Pop-Ups & Auto Start Videos Will Hurt Your Rankings.

" Turns out that Google doesn't like overly intrusive, obnoxious pop-up advertisements &
auto starting video ads just like the rest of us ...

... and they are finally going to do something about it. "
" A new version of Google Chrome will automatically block annoying and intrusive ads and auto-starting videos. "
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Top 5 SEO Mistakes

The Top 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes.

As someone who spends lots of time looking at websites for an opportunity to improve SEO, I begin to see patterns of SEO mistakes that are commonly made by webmasters on a regular basis.
" The purpose of this article is to alert you to these mistakes and ensure you're not making them on your own website. "
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PPC Fails

Top 3 SEO Myths Debunked.

Over my career I’ve talked with hundreds of business owners, and marketing executives prior to launching an SEO campaign to raise the awareness of their business website.
" I have to admit that sometimes I’m amazed at the common misconceptions that I routinely hear around search engine optimization. "
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PPC Fails

Top 2 Reasons PPC Advertising Campaigns Fail.

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns Are Often Accused As Being A Complete Waste Of Money And For Not Producing Any Beneficial Results.
" We've Found Two Very Common Causes For These Concerns - Here's What To Look For When Trying To Validate Your Own Results. "
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Sales VS Marketing - The Battle You Always Loose.

Sales and marketing are two terms we always hear used together, which makes sense because the teams need to work together however, they are very different job functions within a company.
" Separating these job functions tends to lead to internal conflict. Combining these two functions tends to lead to even bigger problems. "
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Interrupt Marketing VS On-Demand Marketing

Understanding the difference between these two types of marketing can save you significant amounts of money, a lot of frustration, and improve your company’s reputation.

If you're thinking that Interrupt Marketing is old-fashioned marketing, Think Again!

"A blunt discussion of pros / cons and cost differences between these two marketing tactics".
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Marketing Dinosaur

Are You A Marketing Dinosaur?

I sent out a very simple, one question survey to a bunch of businesses to get a quick temperature check of what is keeping them awake at night.

The question I asked was: “What is the biggest concern / issue you face in 2017?”

"I received hundreds of responses and more than 48% of these responses were related to a lack of sales leads"
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Ineffective Marketing

The Top 5 Causes For Ineffective Marketing

I originally wrote this article for a friend's blog back in 2010. It's now 7 years later, I've updated a few areas BUT most the content in this article really hasn’t changed all that much. Are we ever going to learn to stop throwing away money on bad marketing? Here are the Top 5 Causes for Ineffective Marketing

"Failure to differentiate is the number one reason that companies are forced to discount their products / services."
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What's The Difference Between SEO and PPC?

The differences between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) can be puzzling to even a more experienced marketer. Making a mistake can be very expensive to fix in both dollars wasted and time lost. We'll help you decide for yourself which is best for your business.

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Local Search

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Local Search Rankings In 2017

Local Search has become more important than ever for many small businesses trying to compete against the national mega-monsters. Here are three simple tips to help optimize your local business ranking that still make a big rankings impact in 2017.

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Internet Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing VS Digital Marketing

The terms Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing are often interchanged. What are the differences between the two? And BTW... Some claim to be Agencies, while others are Firms and some even call themselves Consultants. Which is best for my business?

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