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The Executive's Guide To The

Top Misuses Of Marketing Money In 2018


Executive Workshop Details

• Business Executives who want to understand modern marketing tactics and evaluate where to invest / not invest based on facts.
• Business Executives who aren't convinced that they're getting the best possible Return On Investment for their marketing efforts.
• Business Executives who want more insight into understanding how to evaluate the marketing efforts / progress put forth by their team.

THE TAKE AWAY: 120 Minutes That Will Change The Way You Evaluate And Spend Money On Marketing Forever.

Workshop Info:

  • January 16, 2018
  • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • $79 Paid In advance
  • • 120 Insightful Minutes Of Content Specifically Designed For Small Business Owners.
  • • You Leave With Immediately Actionable Items.
  • • Enjoy An Outstanding Breakfast.
  • • Your Choice Of (AT NO COST) One Of Our Personalized Professional Services:

(Minimum Value $250)

• Website Review
• Strategy Review
• PPC Account Review
• Our Money Back Guarantee

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Partial Agenda Includes:

  • Marketing Tactics - What's Working & What's Not Working
  • Top Causes Of Ineffective Marketing
  • Should I Invest In Search Engine Marketing & Why?
  • SEO - Waste Of Money Or Great Investment?
  • Is Online Marketing THAT Important To A Small Business?
  • Understanding How Marketing Drivers Impact Results
  • PPC - Stop Burning Money
  • How To Look Good To Google
  • How To Maximize & Measure Your ROI
  • Measurements & Benchmarking Analytics

Our Money Back Guarantee Means Zero Risk For You:

If you're unhappy with your investment in our Marketing Workshop for any reason, we'll refund 100% of your tuition!

Workshop Synopsis:

The most important thing to remember about our marketing workshop is that it is that it was designed for executive-level management, not day to day workers. This means that every topic we discuss will be an executive-level overview, not step by step instructions on how to do / complete the item being discussed.

Our goal for attendees is that you leave with a solid understanding of how to evaluate / manage your company's marketing efforts, NOT how to perform every step necessary to implement a specific marketing tactic. You’ll understand which areas you should ask your team to dive deeper into / investigate, and which areas you should stop investing time / money in. And finally, you'll learn where your peers are having the most successes and why.

We start our workshop out by talking about marketing trends. This is a back-and-forth discussion with attendees focused on which marketing tactics they're currently using, which ones seem to be working well, and which ones seem to be working not so well. We'll share our opinions, our recommendations, and our advice where and how to invest marketing funds. We'll also talk about the future and which marketing tactics we believe you'll need to familiarize yourself with because they will become very important in the next year.

We'll discuss the differences between interrupt and on-demand marketing, including the costs, the effectiveness and the likelihood of a achieving a positive ROI with your marketing efforts.

We'll follow this up with a strategy on where and how to drive prospective customers to respond to your marketing's efforts. This discussion includes how to leverage social media and the biggest mistakes small businesses make regarding the use of social media.

Next up, we talk about your website. Is it really needed for a retail business? Where the content comes from? What messaging must be there, and the biggest mistakes companies make when building a website.

Search engines is the next workshop topic. How important are they, really? How do you go from being invisible to getting found? How much time and effort should a small business spend on a search engine marketing. The pros and cons of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The pros and cons of Pay Per Click (PPC). Where you should consider investing and where you should not consider investing. What to expect, and how to evaluate your results.

We wrap up our marketing workshop with tips and tricks that include the top reasons for ineffective marketing, the costliest mistakes small businesses make in marketing including some key metrics you can you to evaluate your own results.

We tightly limit the number of attendees for this workshop to ensure there are enough for a healthy discussion, but no so many people that little gets accomplished. Don’t wait, sign up before it’s too late.


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What Others Say ...

Impossible deadline, but you somehow did it and it turned out spectacular. Thank You for your extraordinary efforts!

Stephan Constantino, CEO Intelligentsia, LLC

Finally, a marketing investment that showed me a real Return On Investment. When can we start my next project?

Steve Corbin, President Corbin Electrical Services

We started with you in back in 1998, all these years have gone by and you continue to amaze me. You’re a one of a kind, Thanks for all your help.

Michael Conti, Managing Director Clients First Texas.

I never thought it could be that quick and easy to solve my problems, you made it 100% painless. BTW, do you guys ever sleep?

Michael Anderson, CEO Radiant Technologies

We got more accomplished in 3 weeks with your team than we got done on our own in the past 6 months

Sheldon Kralstein, CEO NAV-X

Bruce is a great guy and I was impressed with his innovative ideas. Kevin, thanks for your research and finding him!

Jim Littlejohn, CEO Littlejohn Engineering

Brilliant strategy, innovative ideas and an affordable price.
Thanks for all your help!

Pascal Dionot, President Classic Cooking Academy

Why do the Paisanos have all the brains?
No doubt we picked the right group of people to work with us.

William Owen, CEO DAS, Inc.

Wonderful work, thanks so much for all your help!
You made my life sooooo much better!

Caitlin Schober, Marketing Manager Meritide

Well, all this new stuff definitely makes my website look much more professional. Now I just need to live up to the image you created for me.

Ryan Ketterling, VP Easy Bound Book

Absolute Home run!. With out a doubt the best investment I have ever made. Call me about another project I have for you.

Mark Chinsky, CEO EverSafe

This stuff looks AWESOME and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, patience and understanding through this process.

Michelle Kirby, Marketing Director SA Global

Incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and focused on getting results. A refreshing way to work with an outside consulting firm.

Gary Artis, CEO Interdyn

Wow, when you said you’d get it done and I could focus on other problems I didn’t believe you. BUT, I don’t worry about marketing any more.

Brandon Taylore, CEO ONE NFP

Spectacular work. You set the bar really high. This project turned out so much better than I ever imagined it could have.

Brian Adamik, CEO RAM Aircraft

Eight years and still going strong. I don’t know how I could have ever done it with your help. From me, my staff... Thanks for all your help.

Angela Stuart Mills, CEO SSYH

Constant Progress year after year. Every time I think we can’t find anything to improve you prove me wrong. Thanks for that!

Bill Aiton, President SSI Consulting

Nailed it on the very first try!
Thanks for all your help.

Emir Kurtic, Marketing Director Sterling Mobile Services
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