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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Should Support Your Business Strategy

Marketing Strategy is the foundation of a Marketing Plan. This strategy combines all of your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan.


Branding The Most Overused Term In Marketing!

Lots of people talk about it, few understand it. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. Your Brand is what you stand for as a company.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan An Annual Plan

Takes your Marketing Strategy and details how to turn it into actionable items, activities and events. It should include a budget, calendar & expected results.

Chief Marketing Officer Service

Ask A Marketing Expert To Fill A Part Time or Temporary Need

The Perfect Service when you need someone to work directly with your executive management team and make strategic marketing decisions.

Small Business Marketing Experts

Small Business Marketing We Specialize In Small Businesses

Small Businesses can't afford to experiment with marketing. You need to make every dollar count when competing against the national chains.

Internet / Online Marketing Analytics Are The Key To Success

The ability to accurately measure and analyze results prevents you from wasting money. Decisions are based on facts. No More Guesswork Required!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEO & PPC Experts

Getting found on Search Engines can be the difference between success & failure. We're experts in both Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising.

Google My Business

Google "My Business" Local Search Engine Marketing

Google "My Business" (formally Google Local) has replaced the Yellow Pages. We can help you leverage this powerful resource to gain more business.

Social Media Marketing Gain Traffic Through Social Media Sites

Leverage the power of Social Media to improve your Search Engine Rankings, get more exposure and drive more traffic to your website.

We Focus On Small Businesses.

Businesses that can't justify the full-time expense of an Executive-Level Marketing Person but have a part-time or temporary need for one.

The Admin Dilemma that KILLS small businesses.

The marketing person in many small businesses is often the person who has been around for a while, has some free time on their hands, and didn’t run away fast enough when the boss asked for a volunteer. This makes sense when you consider that most small businesses can’t afford the hefty salary associated with a seasoned, full-time marketing executive. Unfortunately this same logic is what also helps keep a small business small.

We're small enough to care and big enough to make an impact.

We are an amalgamation of marketing consultants, content creation gurus, Online platform geniuses, and analytics experts who are manically focused on creating Crazy Good Results ℠ for our clients.

Revenue Size Of Our Client Base

What You Can Expect From Us.

Popularity Index Of Our Services

  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google "My Business"
  • Ask A Marketing Expert Service
  • Google Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Re-targeting
  • Website Design

Powerful marketing insights to help grow your business.

A Few “Quick Tips” Based On Common Mistakes We See Companies Routinely Make Day After Day.

Don't Become A Google Expert.

Google's systems are constantly changing. Staying up-to-date requires a massive amount of time, effort & money. Don’t waste your time & money trying to become a Google Expert, hire us instead. We'll accelerate your marketing process and save you a whole lot of frustration.

Leverage the power of Google "My Business" Local

Google My Business has effectively replaced the Yellow Pages. In fact, 87% of people use Google to search for local products & services. Leverage the power of Google without wasting time & money experimenting to find the right formula. We are Local Online marketing experts.

Our Consultant is Your Secret Weapon.

Our consultant can run an in-depth analysis of your business competitors. We’ll study their value propositions, strategies, strengths, weaknesses and compare them against your own company. After a bit of an internal reality check we'll then prepare you for an all out war in the Online world.

Target the Right Customer at the Right Time with the Right Message.

On-Demand Marketing is when someone is actively looking for the product / service you offer and you get your message in front of them. An Example is Google search.

Interrupt Marketing is the traditional model of product / service marketing, in which people are forced to stop what they're doing to pay attention to your marketing message. An Example is a television commercial or telemarketing.
On-demand marketing typically yields much better results, at a significantly lower costs and aids prospective customer in their buying process instead of just annoying masses of people.

No Absurd / BS Promises Ever!

Don't you just love all the “experts” that claim they can double your sales before they know anything at all about your business?

Working with us a bit different…

Our first step with every new client is to engage in a learning (discovery) session where we learn all about your business. We ask what has worked well for you, and what hasn’t. Why do you do of the things you do. What you feel your value proposition is, and a whole lot more. We’ll even ask you who you feel your biggest competitors are and why.

After that session, we’ll make our own assessment and compare the two ... We now have something worthwhile to talk with you about. This becomes the focus of our discussions. If you like what we bring to the table, you hire us and we begin. Our team quickly takes aim at the agreed upon goals / objectives and we engage. We become manically focused on creating Crazy Good Results ℠.

We Grow Our Clients' Businesses

With Dedicated Effort, Not Magic Pixie Dust!

Business Growth

Fact Of The Moment.

The top 3 ad spots of a search result get 41% of the clicks on the page.


74.2% of people prefer to see Online ads for local businesses instead of non-local


35% of people who have seen a display ad will later search for the business


Local Search is used by 87% of consumers to find your business or your competitors


75% of users don't scroll past the first page of a Google search.

Search Engine Land

The average attention span of a human: 8.25 seconds.

Statistical Brain

The average attention span of a Goldfish: 9 seconds.

Statistical Brain

Percentage of words read on an average (593 words) web page: 28%.

Statistical Brain

Time a viewer spends reading 100 words on a web page: 4.4 seconds.

Statistical Brain

33% of all searches in Google are related to location - local searches.


Percent of page views that last less than 4 seconds: 17%.


Average number of advertisement and brand exposures per day per person: 5,000+.

Statistical Brain

Average number of ads that we have some awareness of per day: 86.

Statistical Brain

Average number of ads that made an impression (engagement): 12.

Statistical Brain

Advertising dollars spent on the Internet: $67 Billion.

Statistical Brain

Advertising dollars spent on Broadcast Television: $46 Billion.

Statistical Brain

Advertising dollars spent on Newspapers: $16 Billion.

Statistical Brain

Average number of times per hour an office worker checks their email in-box: 30.

Statistical Brain